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Click on the Accent option at the bottom of the app page. You will work on one zone at a time, so select a single zone from the top by clicking on Zone and unselecting all but the one you are working on.


Once complete, you will repeat with the other zones.



Make sure you use the Accent option at the bottom of the Jellyfish app rather than the “Accents” preset at top

You will see a single light/node blinking which marks the beginning of that zone. Click the Accent button on the bottom, then click the Accent button next to Colors to pull up your color palette and choose color preference (it will default to white). Click “Set” and the blinking light will now change to that color. (You may also wish to dim. Keep track of the color/brightness that you choose for additional zones. It will by default save your options for the zone you are working on).

Click the + button to move to the next light/node. Continue clicking +/- to maneuver the blinking light through the zone and when you get to a peak/corner node that you wish to be colored, click "Set" (to un-color a node click "Clear"). Repeat the process until the entire zone has the color/brightness selected for the first node/light.


SAVE THE PATTERN: Once you have the zone looking how you want it, don’t forget to click the Save button and give the zone a name (we use “PC” for Peaks/Corners) and save in an existing category or create a new category (we saved under Accent).


Once that zone is saved, start the process with the next zone (choosing from the top zone selector again) and continue until all desired zones are complete.

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Quick Guide



This is the light node # that you are currently viewing for the selected zone. (Look up at the zone and you will see it blinking.)

Keep increasing (or decreasing) the node # to whatever light you want to change and then click the "Set" button to apply that color to the light node. 

Use the "Set" button to apply the accent color on the specific node that is blinking. 

You can only apply the ACCENT feature to a single zone. One at a time. Once a zone is completed, save it and move on to the next zone. 

This is the accent color that you want to apply (or "Set") on that light node. 



Once saved, if you wish for all these custom accents under “PC” to come on automatically & simultaneously, you will need to set up a “Schedule” for EACH zone.

For example, if you had 4 zones named:

  1. Back House  2. Front House  3. Sides House  4. Patio


Each should be set up and saved accordingly as:

  1. PC Back House  2. PC Front House 3. PC Sides House  4. PC Patio


You would have 3 more that look just the same as this for Accent/PC Front/Sides/Patio. Make sure all your times and am/pm match up for each zone.


If you want them to all come on at 6:00pm, you would add 4 separate schedules. We chose for each schedule to turn on at 6:00 pm and turn off at 7:00am (insert your choice of time or choose Sunrise/Sunset). After you select a single preset name and single zone for each Schedule for them all to come on at once.


(Note: unlike normal presets which light up all active zones, the Accents Feature creates presets that are only applicable to a single chosen zone. Therefore, if you wish to turn on all Accents you have created, you will have to click each Accent present individually).  

Verify each zone has the same time, am/pm and days selected. 


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