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Install, repair & audits

Have your irrigation system serviced annually to ensure everything is in top working order and maintenance is kept up preventing higher repair costs later.

Drainage issues can affect your sod that you have invested in, create thatch and other weed problems, create pest problems, and lead to a messy house when you step outside. Slippery, wet areas also create a safety hazard. 

Set your irrigation system to run on timers or add a WiFi clock and turn it on and off through an app even when you are away from home. Adjust settings depending on expected rainfall, and water all your flowerbeds, grass, and trees at the touch of a button. Set it up how you prefer and don’t think about it again. Save time you would normally spend manually watering.

Save money by delivering water precisely to targeted areas, covering more ground in less time, and watering at the right times. 

Helps prevent weeds and disease in your plants while also maintaining soil balance.

An irrigation system increases the value of your home. 

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